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mCarbon announces availability of Global USSD Interactive Services Suite on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud!

mCarbon deploys first of its kind USSD Gateway on cloud for easy rollout of interactive services for Telecom Operators worldwide. It is a robust yet flexible solution built on Greenroom Platform fully deployable on the cloud that enables operators to rapidly create and deliver new value-added, dialogue-based services by providing an intermediary platform that links content and services to end users and provides subscribers with high-speed interactive access to a wide range of value added services.


mCarbon delivers an entire spectrum of such services through its Greenroom Platform that help operator’s bridge their services into the cloud. With this technology, mCarbon will enable access to USSD based services to millions of customers in Africa & America, for a leading Telco group all from a single platform hosted on Amazon Cloud.


“It will simplify interactive communications between users and dramatically reduce integration time and cost. It’s not only reducing efforts, it’s also future-proof. Such seamless integration in a virtualized environment can provide operator unlimited scalability.” says Rajesh Razdan, Co-founder & Director. “This is the first time USSD based services have been attempted on the cloud completely outside the operator eco-system, giving huge time and cost advantage to them to launch and concentrate more on core innovative services.


mCarbon’s USSD Gateway platform can be easily adapted to the needs of telecom service providers. The platform connects with the operator network through secure IP Links. The service creation layer offers a single access for multiple services (e.g., stock inquiries, balance inquiries, service subscriptions, and service cancellations). Some of the key benefits of using USSD Gateway on Cloud, being facilitation of applications and services without the cost and complexity of provisioning and managing a traditional application platform stack and finally services can be launched within one day as no hardware installation is required.


“It is also an opportunity for individual developers and small companies to try the technology and even start using it in business. Our Global USSD Suite is aimed at companies who have established relationships with mobile operators and are ready to use their own delivery channels.”adds, Razdan.

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