PDFCrowd- Easy way to build PDF of your webpage!

I haven’t written on Consumer Technology yet. The reasons could be multiple, but main reason was not to get diverged from main theme of this blog portal. But since Telecomblogs has changed its theme, to focus on ‘Technology Convergence’, I feel, I can include consumer technology topics, which is in fact the confluence of all streams in-process, mainly technology & user interaction or interface.

I often wondered what it takes to build a good API and always on lookout for some or other APIs to improve my web experience. PDFCrowd is once such WebAPI; I came across recently, which allows you to create PDF of HTML Docs or even webpage.

It’s damn easy, fast & straightforward. You even don’t have to open your account with PDFCrowd.

The PDFCrowd API offers the following features:

  • Create PDF from a web page or an uploaded HTML document.
  • Control PDF options including page dimensions, margins, encryption, permissions, initial view, etc.
  • You can upload an HTML document packed together with external images and stylesheets.
  • No third party libraries needed.
  • The API is available virtually on any platform that supports HTTP.
  • When security is a concern, the API can be called over HTTPS.

So if you want to create PDF of your entire webpage (See here PDF->telecomblogs_in!) or have HTML Code which you want to convert it to PDF file or even have HTML Docs, you can convert all of them to PDF easily. All you have to do is go to PDFCrowd Page and input url/HTML to covert it to PDF File. Moreover, the pdf created has active links, which can be used to direct users to your content directly. Swift!

If you are OK with PDFCrowd logo on every page of pdf created, then I guess, this is perhaps very good API to use and create PDFs of your Webpage. Do it yourself & distribute!

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