Department of Telecom, Govt of India empanelsTech Mahindra in the IPv6 transition program!

Tech Mahindra, a global systems integrator and business transformation consulting services firm exclusively focused on the communications industry, will spearhead the Applications Support Working Group workshop to facilitate transition of internet-based content and applications to IPv6 as per the program initiated by Department of Telecom (DoT), Government of India.

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is a technology that is projected to succeed IPv4, which is the current scheme used for almost all traffic flowing through the Internet. Since the number of devices connecting to the Internet is rapidly growing, the current pool of IPv4 addresses is nearly exhausted and ISPs will shortly start allocating IPv6 addresses to their customers. This may have unforeseen impacts, especially on internet-based businesses, when IPv6-enabled end consumers begin accessing existing IPv4 websites. Hence, it is imperative for all businesses to assess their current systems and make necessary upgrades.

Tech Mahindra has been empaneled in this prestigious program by DoT for the IPv6 transition  as they have been serving the telecom service providers, equipment manufacturers and software vendors  worldwide  for more than two decades and have been globally recognized for their domain expertise and thought leadership initiatives. Tech Mahindra has been working closely with DoT and has been involved in conducting IPv6 awareness training programs, proposing and planning pilot projects to demonstrate IPv6 capabilities & in evaluating security considerations

Speaking about DoT’s mission, Dy. Director General of DoT, Mr. R.M.Agarwal said, “Major Service Providers are almost ready to handle & offer IPv6 services and Government Organizations are also gearing up to start using the IPv6 services as per the policy guidelines and now it is the turn of Content and Applications providers to made available the content and application on IPv6 to proliferate the IPv6 in the country”

Mr. Raju Wadalkar, CTO, Tech Mahindra, stated, “Tech Mahindra has been working closely with DoT in supporting Govt. of India’s IPv6 mission. We are proud to be empanelled by DoT, as it gives us a huge opportunity to bring our expertise to Indian customers. Tech Mahindra has been helping customers worldwide in transitioning their networks and applications to IPv6. Tech Mahindra’s deep expertise in communications, Mahindra Satyam’s strong enterprise focus and CanvasM’s mobile VAS presence are uniquely positioned to address a large spectrum of IPv6 requirements.”




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