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International Bandwidth Usage Grew in 2009..

This is atypical. While I was talking about end of recession in my last post, here comes one another report, direct from Telecom Market Research firm, Telegeography, which shows that International Bandwidth Usage grew by 60{af589cdba9d77786c8c861317dbad60bba1e2ebbf56e2ffab874a1b59fde9ce3} in 2009. This is in line with earlier 2 years growth prediction and well ahead of market trend during year 2002-2006.

Some key bandwidth stats illustrated in report are:-

  1. Bandwidth usage growth is rapid in Middle East, Africa and Latin America, while capacity requirements in mature markets like US & Europe also grew at compounded annual rate of 50{af589cdba9d77786c8c861317dbad60bba1e2ebbf56e2ffab874a1b59fde9ce3} since 2002.
  2. Growing capacity requirements coupled with route diversity resulted into laying of 17 new submarine cables in 2009, which is likely to see investment in submarine cable  growing in year 2010.
  3. Aggregate international bandwidth capacity requirement have grown more than 22-fold, which has been fulfilled by providers, by upgrading fiber optic network over years.

Expanding under-sea cables has limited scope as compared to terrestrial network. It has also been observed that some undersea cable providers have managed to squeeze more wavelengths on existing cables, which resulted into expanding capacity. Some providers are also trying to replace 10Gbps wavelength by 40Gbps wavelength on their cable network.  ‘These technology innovations have been done to meet growing demands of bandwidth’  adds Tim Stronge, analysts with Telegeography.

More information can be found at Telegeography or email

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