Overwhelmed and inspired with the success of first ever LTE event in India, Bharat Exhibitions are filled with enthusiasm to organize the 2nd edition of India’s only focused conference on LTE(Long Term Evolution) – the Next Generation Mobile Technology – 2nd LTE India 2011, International Conference on 27th May 2011 at Le-Meridien, New Delhi.

In the past one decade, wireless industry has witnessed a steep acceleration in the demand for both voice and data services due to the growth in numbers of mobile phone subscribers. Also, the usage rate has soared to new heights. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is all set to emerge strongly as the next generation wireless technology that will lead the growth of mobile broadband services up to the next level. Its adoption by service providers across the world holds the potential to generate unprecedented boost in economies as it becomes the universal 4G mobile platform utilized by both GSM/HSPA and CDMA/EVDO service providers.

With LTE, operators are equipped with the choice of technologies to serve their customers with advanced wireless broadband services. This will enable them either of competing with fixed operators or to provide broadband services in areas where the absence of fixed infrastructure make it too expensive for deployment.  Here, LTE offers convincing attractions for incumbent UMTS/HSPA operators such as the ability to re-use significant portions of their existing infrastructure coupled with the re-use of existing spectrum assets. LTE seems standing firm in the future with a guaranteed Return of Investment (ROI) factor. As a result, LTE will allow operators to generate fresh sources of value from their existing network investments while enjoying the significant economies of scale that flows from the participation in the world’s biggest and most successful family of evolving cellular system.

“According to Mr.Adrian Scrase, Head of 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre, “LTE INDIA 2011 will be an ideal & best platform to set the future roadmap for LTE in India – We will encourage Regulators, Operators and Manufacturers to be a part of LTE – The most successful mobile broadband Standard. We will demonstrate that this is not just a new radio technology; there is a whole eco-system – all fully standardized and ready to go. LTE specifications give Operators a way to deliver more speed, more data and a better experience in the most cost effective way. As discussions move from ‘Why LTE’ to “When LTE”, we will put the Standards experts alongside Indian Telecommunications experts to discuss the time-scales for getting this technology in to the hands of Indian users.

Mr. Shashi Dharan- Managing Director, Bharat Exhibitions the organizer of LTE INDIA 2011, says, “This conference will help in strategizing a strong vision for LTE technology in the future India and It will provide an update on the mobile broadband, current capabilities, the eco-system, drivers and directions for future evolution to the next generation/LTE and beyond. It will highlight and discuss services and applications, business models, and challenges including solving of spectrum needs for capacity and coverage requirements

2nd LTE India 2011 International Conference will fascinate over 500 delegates across whole of India & abroad. The conference will fetch delegates from Telecom Network Operators – Wire line/Wireless, Senior Technology & Planning Managers from Telecom Operators, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, COOs, Chief Technologists from competitive carriers, VPs – (Business Strategy, IT, Network, Technology, Network Planning and Management) Directors, Head of Strategic Planning, Head of Customer Services, Cellular Service Providers – GSM & CDMA, Mobile Network Operators, Fixed Carriers, Mobile Internet Device Manufacturers, Application Providers, Investment Bankers, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Telecom Network Infrastructure Vendors, Network Services Providers/ISP/ILEC/CLEC/WISP/MSO, Telecom Associations & Regulators, Handset Manufacturers – GSM & CDMA, DOT, DIT, Ministries & Regulators, Representatives from TRAI, Telecom Industry Fraternity, Consultancies.

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