It’s been quite a busy week in the tech industry. There were some key announcements (including Nokia CEO Mr Suri stepping down), and disappointments (kubecon cancellation). Still, we continue to focus on other trends, which we believe are essential to cover. 

The first one is from Google Cloud, who is looking at Telco-cloud a significant opportunity, albeit a niche one. This week it announced that it is partnering with AT&T to deploy Google cloud on Edge nodes (of AT&T), by unveiling Global Mobile Edge Cloud Strategy (read GMEC). It didn’t stop there. Google Cloud also announced the big plans to bring its Anthos multi-cloud platform to Edge, naming it as ‘Anthos for Telecom’, where telco could leverage Google Cloud’s capabilities to run their Edge applications. 

Interestingly the partnership with a telco announcement includes few eye-catching updates, where it partnered with Amdocs to run Amdoc’s CSP solutions portfolio and Netcracker’s (NEC) BSS/OSS Solutions portfolio on Google Cloud as well. 

Indeed, it seems that Google Cloud has big plans for telcos. In my personal view, GMEC does make sense, despite being late to the market, as no single Edge Cloud vendor is dominating the already fractured market. Understandably the Edge touted as next big opportunity, esp where Gartner predicts that close to 75% of data will be analysed and acted upon at the Edge.

2019 CNCF Survey report is out, and for me, the results of the survey aren’t astonishing at all. There are two key findings in the survey. First Kubernetes in production is mainstream now and Service Mesh (Istio) gaining lots of attention and second, Serverless and CI/CD both widely adopted in deployments of Cloud Native.

Aligned with the above survey results is another report, ‘The State of Serverless’, which talks about the similar pattern of enterprise adoption of serverless in production. Although the report talks about AWS Lambda is leading serverless platform, I’m sure, Cloud Native projects such as Knative and OpenFaas aren’t behind.

Alibaba Cloud recently wrote a series of posts (seven of them) of Cloud Native trends in 2020, which includes serverless, k8s, Edge, service mesh, managed container engines, cloud-native infra and apps. It’s great to read, and readers can explore each topic further.

Kubernetes Security Solution provider, Stackrox, recently released a report on the state of k8s security, which highlights the fact that, despite popularity, container and esp. k8s security is inhibiting the k8s adoption to a great extent. I believe that k8s security is still an emerging area.

Last but not least, Mirantis last week ran a webinar on the basics of Edge Cloud. Those of you missed it, there’s a recording available now, and you can read on detailed Q&A section as well, which is quite informative.

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