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'Airtel Mobitude2009' – Old Wine in New Bottle!

Recently, Bharti Airtel, released India’s First Mobile Phone Usage Survey ‘Airtel Mobitude 2009’. This study shows the preference and choice of over 116 million mobile users located across India. The report is based on the compilation of data that captures all downloaded content by an Airtel Mobile user during 2009.

The survey was based on different parameters, which at the end reflects interesting choices and preferences of ‘Mobile India’, says the report. According to Mr. Atul Bindal, President, Mobile Service India, Bharti Airtel Ltd, “Spread across 116 million users, Airtel is best positioned to highlight preference and choice of India.” He also added that, Airtel’s consumer usage analysis has thrown up very interesting results that truly highlight what an Indian prefers across the length and breadth of India.

Some of the highlights of the survey are:

• Study based on over 220 million downloads on mobile across music, images and games over billions of SMSs during the year have revealed that users send maximum messages on the New Year followed by Diwali, Dusshera and interestingly Friendship Day
• High in humor quotient, Jab Dekho Phone Kar Dete Ho, an April Fool Joke is the most downloaded music ahead of Jai Ho of Slumdog Millionaire
• Katrina and Aamir are the most downloaded Bollywood celebrities ahead of Kareena and Salman
• Sachin Tendulkar is the most popular sports stars ahead of MS Dhoni.

What does the survey signify? There are little details available and those available are much obvious to take note of. Like users send maximum sms on New Year eve or even Sachin Tendulkar is more popular than Dhoni. Some other details in music section also throws little insight on user download patterns, though report highlights the fact that regional music is equally popular to Bollywood songs. But if you ask Telecomblogs, it’s just old wine in new bottle show by Airtel. Such reports are generated by Airtel every year across India, had they released mobile data usage pattern or even rural/urban mobile usage pattern, report would be more useful. Till more details are available, we rate ‘Airtel Mobitude’ is quite ordinary in present context.

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