With 3G roll-out almost on track and new technologies such as LTE and 4.5G entering the market, there has never been such an exciting time for the Indian telecom industry.

However, although offering an array of innovative applications and increased levels of QoS to your increasing consumer base provides an exciting opportunity for you as an operator, the challenge remains in the struggle to efficiently maintain the network infrastructure for this increased load of voice and data transfers.

Having successfully addressed these key issues over the last few years in the USA, Light Reading proudly brings Next-Generation Packet Transport Networks toIndia in September. The unique agenda, designed specifically for proactive telecom operators like you, dives deeper into the technical challenges of this dynamic industry and provides in-depth insights into the future direction of transport networks inIndia .

To ensure that you don’t miss this exclusive opportunity we will be holding this essential event in both Delhi on 13 September and Mumbai on 15 September 2011 .

Attend one of these solution-packed days and take advantage of this unique opportunity to:

  • Discuss carrier Ethernet service management with a particular focus on software tools to prioritise delay-sensitive traffic
  • Understand the requirements of the new SLAs and the standardization benefits they present for telecom operators
  • Evaluate the latest technology options available for converged service infrastructures and efficiently managing these to deliver high performance services
  • Compare the reliability and security of conventionally accepted TDM to efficient and flexible Carrier Ethernet while considering OA&M
  • Hear how to adopt flexible OTN switches effective in converting traffic and colourless, directionless ROADMs to increase infrastructure competence
  • Gear-up for the road ahead from 40GigE to 100GigE and evaluate the rationale of investments for this upgrade

Drawing on extensive market analysis of both upcoming infrastructure technologies and service operator plans, our host Sterling Perrin, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, will provide a holistic view of the global opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. Benefit from intensive discussions between the leading players around operator plans to monetise these networks while enabling addional services, the commercial rationale of this upgrade and the technical challenges surrounding converged networks.


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