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Editorial: 7 Stories to read this weekend!

We are back again with our popular storyboard to read over the weekend. Last I remember I wrote about stories to read was exactly the year back. And thanks to our developer team, who worked hard to meet the deadline to bring the Telecomblogs in the new looks.

Future of Smart Cities: Although Government of India launched Smart City initiative to build 100 Smart cities in the record span five-ten years, worldwide the Smart Cities projects have now started paving ways for the citizen to live in better cities. The video shows the glimpse of the few Smart city work around the globe.

How to wake up early: As we are nearing the end of the calendar year, people have already started making resolutions for the new year. One of my favourites (every year I promised myself to be the morning person) resolution is ‘Waking up Early in morning’. Our existing modern lifestyle demands us to stay awake till late night, the article explores ways on how we can still manage to wake up early. My favourite!

How to make tough decisions: We make decisions every now and then. In fact, if you observe carefully, we are always in the decisive mode, whether we do it consciously or not, does not make it different for us. But how do we take tough (not so happy) decisions? Chip and Dan Heath has written the entire book on the subject, but in this article, you can get the glimpse of the thinking (10/10/10 rule) they offered on making tough decisions. See if it works for you!

Apple’s new ‘Space Ship’ Campus is getting ready: The video, taken by flying drone, gives us the glimpse of Apple’s new Space-Ship Campus building, getting built. Who would not want to work here?

Developing mental toughness: Getting tough mentally has become the need of time for every one of us. As work related stress started taking our happiness in private lives away, why can’t we be tough mentally and handle pressure well? Read the article, where eight experts from different domains offer some insight.

Fixing 3-stages of failure in Work and Life: Failures in life or even work is the not uncommon thing. We all fail. We all did not achieve something for some reason. Very few of us introspect on failures. James Clear is one them. His insight into various stages of failures and fixing those is no guidebook formula, but I liked ‘Why-vision failure’ discussion very much. Very interesting reads in recent times!

When ‘Less’ matters in pursuits: 
 It is an old article got my attention, which talks about pursuing ‘less’ by choosing our options carefully for grand success. It is contrary to the belief that chasing more things will lead to more success in life. I would surely recommend this strategy! It works.

On the closing note, we wrote blog three years back on staying connected during our flight journeys, esp. in our domestic flights. Telecom Department has finally woken up to the need of time and pitched for in-flight Wi-Fi services on domestic flights, though our Aviation Ministry has yet to respond to it. We hope the pitch brings much-needed change for flight travellers for obvious reasons- On board, Wi-Fi does not make flight operations unsafe, nor it interferes with signalling systems.

Happy reading!

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