Cell towers are ubiquitous. They are every where. It’s hard to find a place on earth now, where Cell coverage is absent or Cell tower is not nearby.

Cell Towers are evolving. From early days of Macro Ground Based tower (100+ meters) to Small Cells (hardly noticeable on street poles), they changed a lot in last one decade. The technology behind cell tower architecture revolutionised. Moreover, the deployments of new cell towers became easier due to shrinking size of hardware at the site.

These days if you are travelling around city area, you may not even know that bus stop you are standing, or local Kirana shop is radiating Wi-Fi Hotspot or might be a small cell zone, or even big advertisements billboards at the airports are actually Small Cells providing street level coverage. You may not even clearly spot this new breed of cell towers now.

AT&T is the pioneer in installing concealed Cell towers, which get blended with the surrounding. I recently got to see technology deployed by AT&T team to build these beautifully hidden towers. These towers used where aesthetics concerns are of utmost importance, or providing coverage wouldn’t be possible unless you conceal the tower from surroundings or blend it with the environment. It creates a win-win situation by offering an innovative solution.

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