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Are call drops important to monitor anymore?

Lately, a question popped up in my head. Does managing ‘Call Drops’ matter to operators anymore?

As nowadays, ‘Voice minutes’ get bundled with GBs of data, where the focus is on selling more GBs at lowest denomination, are operators worried about troubleshooting and rectifying the call drop complaints?

I guess, it could be regulatory pressure, which allows only 2{af589cdba9d77786c8c861317dbad60bba1e2ebbf56e2ffab874a1b59fde9ce3} call drops (of total voice calls generated), however, is there any other motivation for operators to monitor call drops? I doubt it.

Also with the arrival of 4G-LTE, even voice flows as TCP/IP packets, similar to data, the overall approach to monitoring voice call and data sessions should be analogous to the operator. Will they continue to investigate and improve call drops, just due to regulatory pressure, unless there’s some business implication for them? As I can see, every single drop monitoring is the cost for Opcos.