Leading Belgian operator 'Mobistar' launches a new mobile portal powered by Momac’s cloud-based platform mvolve!

Momac recently joined forces with Mobistar to develop a comprehensive mobile portal, providing a cloud-based solution to the operator’s expanding activity needs. The new portal integrates the client’s CRM system, significantly enhancing end-user experience via an exceedingly personalised set of services and offerings.

“The managed service results in a cutting-edge portal with much more flexibility, easily upgraded, with direct impact on sales and customer satisfaction,” says Benoit Berthelot, Mobistar’s Portal Product Manager.

Thanks to mvolve, Mobistar can now transform customer data into a marketable asset by penetrating its CRM systems and tailoring content and offers to individual end-users. To further its consumer-centric service, integration of Mobistar self-care services are on the horizon.

The innovative mvolve platform is a wholly integrated solution giving customers total control over their mobile assets while offering comprehensive support of HTML5, rich-media styling and content device adaptation that create exciting mobile front-ends and user interfaces. Advanced mvolve self-care functionalities allow customers to independently manage their accounts, and deep integration with social networks leverage the user social graph, driving page impressions and visitor retention.

“A major highlight is the integration of social networks.  Users can now consult Facebook and Twitter via the Mobistar mobile portal, enabling a unique customer experience,” said Joost Goeree, Managing Director of Momac Netherlands.

Momac now manage the entire portal, including all games, full-track and ringtone storefronts. Consequently, Mobistar reduced the number of service and content providers from 15 to 1, saving significant resources and costs.

Momac will showcase its cloud-based platform, mvolve, in CTIA Wireless’Cloud Computing Pavilion” (Booth 4183) from 22 to 24 March in Orlando, Fla.

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