Mahindra Satyam, a leading global consulting and IT services provider, today announced the launch of its business insights solution REIMS – Retail Enterprise Information Management Systemwhich will enable global retailers improve decision-making processes. This comprehensive solution addresses key business challenges in strategic, tactical & operational areas. This would help retailers to swiftly identify the optimal courses of action to achieve their business objectives.

Gartner has quoted Analytics and Business Intelligence as the top most CIO priority in 2012 and REIMS –- a  cost effective analytical solution, aims to address this priority with scalable, logical data models, rigorous statistical models, a library of 300+ Industry standard analytical reports and role based dashboards. The technology-agnostic solution assists retailers in mining their data, predicting trends & patterns while fine-tuning dashboards, leading to better customer centric decisions.

REIMS is a Cloud and Mobile enabled solution spanning several process areas including Assortment & Merchandizing, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse management, Category Performance Analysis, Customer Analytics, Multi-channel web, mobile and social media analytics.

In the last few years we have seen dramatic changes in the Retail landscape. There are mountains of raw data stored in different pockets throughout the Retail business – with diverse supply chains, volatile customer needs and extensive product lines. Discussions with our customers have been focused on transforming “gut feel” & “siloed” decisions to fact-based cross-functional business insights which can lead to smarter and  wiser decisions. REIMS solution is armed with proven accelerators and assets for each step of BI analytical life cycle leading to a faster, risk-free deployment  ” said Mahesh Vasudevanallur,  Head –  Retail & CPG Practice, Mahindra Satyam.

The modular nature of REIMS helps fully integrate it with retailer’s existing BI landscape. Our rapid deployment capabilities ensure immediate benefits, at the same time minimizing cost and changes to existing infrastructure. Our consulting-led approach with our composite team of domain – and technical consultants, will help customers identify data — and process pain areas, conduct functional and technical fit gap analysis, address and advise on potential plug in and help devise an adoptable to-be process analytics roadmap.

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