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Sponsored Post: Why Enterprises Should Provide Toll Free Numbers to grow the business!

Tool FreeWhether you have an online business or not, contact information is very important for the success of your business. Companies often create websites and brochures to promote their products and services, but sometimes forget to make essential contact information easily visible and sometimes forget to make it available at all. A website or other promotional materials without contact information is like a house without any address. The competition in the market is intense and the number of clients is limited. Hence, you must not lose any opportunity to sell your products and services.

If clients are unable to contact you due to missing contact information, that’s a grave mistake. You may offer the exact products/services required by thousands of consumers but if there is no phone number on your site/brochure/advertisements, how can they contact you?

Therefore, it’s essential for every organization to provide a toll free telephone number to customers. Toll free numbers ensure clear communication between the enterprise and its consumers. You can also integrate this number with a hosted PBX system for better communication.

Read the following points to understand why providing a toll free number to your customers is an intelligent business strategy.

  • A toll free number helps your customers reach you anytime and they feel that you value your customers. Let’s consider a scenario. If you have an ecommerce site, people will contact you to get product information, lodge complaints for damaged products and inform you about delivery delays. The toll free number can connect different departments with different lines and as a result, you get to manage buyers more professionally. They can choose which department they want to talk to and the correct team of professionals will handle the issues.
  • It reflects a better and more professional image. Toll free numbers may have become a common thing nowadays, but people still consider that a company with a toll free number defines the brand value of the firm. As the toll free number maintenance cost is paid by the company, clients realize that you own a big corporation and have no problem to maintain the communication costs.
  • Toll free numbers gives customers a reason to call you. Whether they call via landline, they don’t have to pay any charges. Besides, these numbers are easy to remember. Hence, users don’t have to search the internet to know your number. Buyers will memorize it and that is a plus point for any business as it’s related to your brand image. Just imagine if you have a pizza company, then that toll free number will be your brand’s synonym.
  • Number portability is another major advantage of smart toll free numbers. The connection can be used with hosted PBX system to make sure you can continue the service from any location.

If you don’t have a toll free number yet, then it’s the ideal time to get one. Give customers an opportunity to call you and you will be surprised to see the sudden increase in business.

Author-Bio:- Mrunal Khatri is working with Zintel. With our wide range of toll free services, Zintel has a solution that is just right for your business – to help you project the image you want, better manage your resources, and significantly lower your communication costs.

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