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Versium Tackles Big Data With Launch of LifeData Analytics Platform!

Massive volumes of data or “LifeData” are created every day as people interact in their daily lives. Understanding LifeData can help organizations accurately predict behavior such as, ‘will a person pay their bills on time, who is a discount shopper, what are cross selling opportunities, what are predicted consumption levels, is cancelation risk increasing,’ and much more. Organizations currently have little visibility into LifeData, preventing them from fully understanding who their customers are, outside of the involvement they have with the enterprise.

Today, Versium (, a data technology company, announced the availability of its LifeData analytics platform, enabling organizations to be more data-driven by powering and creating solutions that help organizations better understand their customers’ LifeData in order to optimize consumer engagement, improve marketing efficiencies and better understand, retain and find new customers.

Versium brings together disparate sets of observational data (both online and offline), comprised of more than 100 billion real-life attributes, and combines these insights with an organization’s existing enterprise data to provide a richer, more actionable profile of each individual consumer and more intelligent analytic models. The company provides a unique, patent-pending technology — to verify, cross index and match large sets of data.

“Our Audience Intelligence solution quantifies the value of sponsorship investments for some of the world’s top brands and their agencies,” said Mark Piening, CEO of Circle Media. “Versium’s LifeData analytics platform helps us enrich these audience profiles with extended attributes, to help uncover new segments, predict brand promoters and personalize future experiences.”

Versium is a prime target for a number of data-driven organizations looking to better understand their customers:

  • Corporate marketing departments that wish to enhance their insights on existing consumers and prospects can leverage Versium’s platform.
  • Online publishers or ad networks can leverage Versium’s LifeData and analytics to improve their targeting algorithms to generate higher CPMs.
  • Outbound marketing organizations who either sell contact lists or provide outbound contact services can leverage Versium to provide more finely targeted lists, and generate higher ROI for its customers.
  • Finally, consumer research companies who are looking to augment the survey-driven insights they provide to their clients can leverage Versium’s LifeData.

“There are billions of demographic, psycho-graphic and social-graphic data points consumers create through real-life actions and activities,” said Chris Matty, CEO of Versium. “A person’s real-life profile — who they are, what they like and what they are connected with — is a tremendous indicator of how that person will interact with an enterprise. We have worked with a number of organizations to combine our LifeData and analytics with the company’s existing enterprise data to greatly improve consumer insights and more importantly predict behavior.”

Versium is currently working with numerous well-established brands to deploy its extensive LifeData services and analytics solutions.

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