What I’m reading: ‘7’ Stories to read this Sunday!

Short-listing stories to read is not always easy, especially if you are a voracious reader. I generally find time to read on weekdays, when I am on the move and collect stories over couple of days, before sharing it with my readers. It may not come from telecom world. I aspire to bring variety in reading of my readers.

Here we go:

  1. One of my favorite stories of this week comes from ‘Virology and vaccination’. Do not raise eyebrows, even for me reading the origin of vaccination was revelation. It is long but interesting read.
  2. Building a startup and making it one of the most valuable companies in the world, was never dream of Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram. As Instagram is celebrating its 5th birthday, read the story of building the company, in Mike’s own words.
  3. Everyone is talking about 5G, Ericsson jumped in with forecast on 5G Subscriber count. However, TMN Team does not agree with forecast. Here is why.
  4. Providing cellular coverage in high-rise apartments or big commercial complexes was never easy. Moreover, growing number of cellular network complaints come from these areas, building architects are re-designing the buildings to facilitate the cellular coverage at design phase only. I wish, Indian architects adopt this new ways quickly.
  5. Disconnecting from Internet is not easy or rather, is next to impossible. However, Rodolphe Dutel has done it for one month. Here is story of his experience in his own words.
  6. Buying home is not easy, be it in India or in US. The blog explores options or workaround, opted by youngsters to arrange money to buy home. My favorite story again.
  7. If you have not ridden with Uber until date, then you should at least given a try. In Mumbai, I completely rely on Uber to go to places and shunned Yellow-cabbies. Then, can Uber survive with its business model? What is the secret sauce of Uber’s success? SeekingAlpha tries to decode the secret.

Happy Reading!!!

(Image is courtesy of Flickr user Wen Mekwl)

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