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Airtel brings 40 Mbps speed on Broadband to Hyderabad city!

AirtelBharti Airtel, a leading global telecom services provider with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, today became the first operator to launch Broadband plans on VDSL technology at speed of 40Mbps for customers in Hyderabad. VDSL is the newest and most advanced standard of Broadband wireline communications.  This plan will give customers the best data experience for streaming high definition videos, online multiplayer gaming, downloading rich content, uploading photos and videos instantly and lots more.

Announcing the launch, Mr. SharlinThayil, CEO – Andhra Pradesh, BhartiAirtel, said, “We are delighted to introduce 40 Mbps speed – the fastest wireline broadband service on next generation VDSL technology. The all new Ultrasonic 40Mbps plans on Airtel offers the fastest Broadband speed available for customers and will allow data savvy customers to upgrade from the now prevalent 16Mbps speeds they have enjoyed thus far. This plan will allow customers, the convenience to download movies in a few minutes, stream high definition videos, online multiplayer gaming, download rich content, upload photos and videos instantly and lots more.”

In line with their data usage and requirements, Airtel customers can now choose from an array of tariff plans.

A.    Ultrasonic 3999 offers 200 GB data usage along with 2000 free voice minutes

B.     Ultrasonic 3299 offers 100 GB data usage along with 1000 free voice minutes

Customers can also enjoy additional free Value Added Services (VAS) like Parallel Ringing, PC Secure (Anti-Virus software), Unlimited Gaming through Games on Demand, LearnNext – the smartest way to learn maths and science and lots more.

Customers can buy Beetel’s VDSL wi-fi modem priced at Rs. 3,099 to avail Airtel Broadband’s 40Mbps internet speed along with wi-fi connectivity.

Airtel 40Mbps Broadband Tariff Plans:

Plan Name Ultrasonic 3299 Ultrasonic 3999
Plan rental 3299 3999
Speed 40 Mbps 40 Mbps
Fair Usage Policy  (FUP) 100 GB 200 GB
Free Voice usage – Local Mins 1000 2000



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