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Will Flipkart or anyone else do this to ease burden?

These days there’s lot of buzz around COD method of payment routinely utilized by e-tailers in India to attract more customers. Reason- it’s pushing these e-tailers to limit. Of course it’s impacting the bottom line of these e-tailers and all of them are running their operations into losses.

But recent news might raise some hopes for e-tailers. Amazon US has struck a deal with US Postal services to deliver their packets on Sunday also. Can e-tailers replicate this in India?

Irrespective of getting deeper into this, there is huge opportunity for Indian Postal Services to stuck such deal with leading e-tailer like Flipkart or Jabong or others to deliver ‘Packets’ to customers across India. Although, India Post does have something similar mentioned on their portal, delivering specific services to e-tailers would also help India Post to generate necessary traction and stay afloat.

Why India Post? Two main reasons:

  • A huge, capable network across PAN India (No one can beat that).
  • Also into same domain of logistics (Core Area) can help reaching wider audience on top of existing capability.

By offloading logistics to India Post, e-tailers would make up some losses but finding all answers to COD Mode of payment and its impact on bottom line would take time. Think ‘Out of Box’!

Exact model of deal can be worked out, but certainly it would be win-win deal.

Are you listening Flipkart?