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Disappointed over Huawei's Security plan- No place for India's concerns!

We often downplayed national security concerns over business opportunities. Somehow, when security concerns are popped up, it managed to escape the heat of moment and even got back-door entry. India’s dependency on foreign firms for telecom innovation is known and accepted as norm.

Huawei is clever enough. The day sanctions on Chinese telecom gear were called off, few leading telecom operators in country managed to bag deals with Huawei ( Not to mention names), that too very next day. But no one really knows, why the issue of security concerns over Chinese firms had suddenly taken center-stage and why again, all of a sudden, concerns were thrown in dustbin. Does it make all that practical sense to us?

Two days’ back Huawei, which touts as second largest telecom equipment manufacturer in world, unveiled three-pronged plan to address security concerns over its telecom gears. Not to mention, India’s earlier concerns over its security were shown door in the plan. In fact, no where in the plan India’s concerns are even talked about.

Surprisingly if you look at few numbers, then India contributes more than 10{af589cdba9d77786c8c861317dbad60bba1e2ebbf56e2ffab874a1b59fde9ce3} towards Huawei’s global revenue.  In fact, few other valid reports suggest that India is critically important market for Chinese giant. Even the company is planning to expand its R&D services in India, which is the fastest growing telecom market at present.

But it doesn’t make much difference, unless telecom policy makers in the country are aware of the fact, they are being fooled all the time under the impression of growth & business prospects in the sector. But unless, we are serious about our own telecom manufacturing & R&D capabilities, we would find ourselves more embroiled into such matters. No easy solution- but at least we should expect the company to address the valid concerns before it’s too late.

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