Random thoughts: IE9 isn't my cup of tea!

Occasionally I run into trouble. That’s not new on Windows run system. My experience with Windows aka Microsoft has often evolved over time in past decade, albeit problems/crashes often marred the soft launch parties.

Two days back, when I decided to join the talks on IE9 and share my experience, my only attempt ran into nightmarish crash of entire system. Since downloading the latest & smartest IE version till date to upgrading, everything was going smooth. But the moment, I launched the IE in explorer; it never got off the ground. I have yet to take glimpse of what people call it- ‘Beauty of the Web’

That’s not something new to me. When I first bought my Dell Vostro 12 series laptop a couple of years back, loaded with Vista guns, on the very first day it refused to budge. For hours it was laying numb dead on corner table. I still remember how the happy occasion turned into panic after seeing famous ‘Windows Blue Screen’. After much hue & cry, finally with help of external body, I managed to sail through launch horrors.

IE9 was no exception to me. Perhaps, that’s the reason I am still tied to older versions of Microsoft developed softwares on the system. So be it Microsoft OS, MS Office, MS Security or even Windows Media, my system still happily runs these older decks. It may sound familiar to old cliché ‘Old is Gold’, but as said, my experience has often evolved with Microsoft products, which was often marred with (Un)expected crash down or shut down at launch parties. Perhaps, by this time, I should have been used to it without whining.

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