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Guest Blog: Android Spy Applications to help keep track of your Android Smartphone!

Android SpyMore and more people nowadays are using iPhone spy apps in order to keep track of anything they are concerned with. With the help of their Android spy apps, parents are trying to keep an eye over their teens during their most vulnerable years. On the other hand, employers are using these spy apps so that to control their employee’s.

If you’ve decided to get down to spying activities, be aware it’s not an easy thing at all! Before getting obsessed with their Android spy apps, both employers and parents should take into account all the risks connected with privacy violation, and should try to act wiser! Be aware that your spying can take you to jails.

But one of the fantastic advantages of all these spy software is the auto call recorder. As you may already guess from the name, it is used to record both incoming and outgoing calls. This application is especially praised for legal purposes when carrying out an investigation or anything else. Parents can also make use of this fine application while trying to monitor their children.

Another magic thing about these Android spy apps is their candid camera inside. It is designed as an application for note taking. If fact, it records photos and videos.  Be aware that text, call and app notifications will go off if this application is turned active. What is more, the target phone user won’t notice anything strange with his/her phone as notification and screen lights go off if this record application is being used. Anyway, this is again illegal. So, be much wiser with this disguised Android spy recording app.

One of the above mentioned applications is called mSpy software, it can be characterized as a tool foreseen to control any activity on the phone under “investigation”. So, each and every message, call and email, photo and video will be easily tracked through a web interface. One of the best features of this app is that it can easily check out the target phone user’s location. This is made possible through GPS. So, even if the user loses his/her phone (or if it is stolen), there is no need to get into desperation for GPS application will find its location just on the spot! Be aware that before getting to a stolen or lost phone, users can block them remotely. This will undoubtedly keep lost or stolen smartphone information safer.

So, those parents, who are looking for appropriate means for controlling their kids, should turn to mSpy! mSpy app will enable parents to block messages and calls from the phone numbers they are concerned with. Such restrictions can also be applied to various apps that parents wish to block. Besides, parents can limit the phone usage time for their kids so that their kids won’t be able to spend the night hours playing games via their phones, etc. What is more important, mSpy provides a perfect opportunity for parents to get notifications on everything that is going on inside the target phone. As a result, kids’ phone history becomes within the reach of their parents, thus lowering all their worries and concerns in this regard. The thing is that notifications are sent to parents whenever their kids receive messages with rude contents or words. Besides, parents can easily add to their kids’ safety by phone location updates via mSpy GPS. Finally, parents can use mSpy to control websites that are visited by their kids.


About Author:

This article is contributed  by Katrin Deres. Marketing manager in a team, who developed mSpy, blogger who loves writing about cell phone software and mobile technologies which help people.

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