Future of SmartphonesSmartphone has had a rapid technological advancement; it has surpassed its original capabilities of placing calls, texting and minimal browsing of subpar WAP websites. The Smartphone has surpassed the technology of yesterday and given us a mini computer that’s sits in the palm of our hands and with it we can do it all. With the accelerated improvements that Smartphone continues to make it’s no wonder that we dream of the future. So what can we expect in 2020?

First and foremost we will be given improved connectivity allowing us to connect to webpages with less lag time. This in turn will automatically improve battery life; however the Smartphone isn’t going to stop there. They plan to take it one step further and create fuel cell batteries which will increase the longevity of the battery. In the rare instance that a battery still loses power we will have an option of wirelessly recharging via magnetic fields that Fujitsu and many other top companies are currently working on.

Better GPS Applications

Current GPS technology allows us to locate points of interest through our Smartphones in reference to our specific location and then compiles web-based content such as reviews and star ratings. By 2020 Smartphone will be able to provide the exact information that we may be looking for. We can get information on any location regardless of where we are currently at.

Future Technology based on SCI FI

The need to take photos to share our latest discoveries with our friends will be forgotten forever. Instead all we’ll need to do is swipe our Smartphone over the object we want to share and like magic all of our friends will be provided with an image. This will be ideal for anyone who is constantly on the go and doesn’t have time to stop and take the perfect picture.

The most incredible technology that is currently being worked on will actually remove the need to use a Smartphone at all. Electronic lenses, similar to those which we have seen on many television shows and movies will eventually be available for use by any consumer. With these we will be able to access a wealth of information that will be placed in view atop our actual eye. We will be able to view anything that we would have looked up on our Smartphone completely hands free.

Futurologist Ray Hammond has commented that, “In ten years’ time we’ll be using all sorts of interfaces including glasses, earpieces and displays … based on location needs… social network profiles and some tailored by the user. Everything around you will appear to be smart.”

The Smartphone will surpass its current smart capabilities. It will literally know each of us on an individual basis and will consistently work to improve our lives through routine prediction, remove potential threats through risk management and estimate individual choices through personalized statistical data collection.

Author Bio: Ida C. Evans is an experienced writer in the high tech sphere. Ida C Evans works at an mSpy company developing spyware for cell phones.

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