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Guest Post: Tumblr Blogs- A Innovative perspective to enhance your page ranks!

TumblrOwned and operated by Tumblr, Inc. this website is counted as one of the best micro blogging and social networking sites. Ever since it was launched the number of people using this website has increased manifold. It comes as no surprise that Tumblr pages rank high on Google’s search result page as well. Pagerank is the name of the link analysis algorithm that was created by Google. This algorithm has been named ‘Pagerank’ after its creator Larry Page. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pagerank also refers to the status or a number given to a web page. Higher the rank of the page higher its position on Google’s search result pages. Google’s page rank depends entirely on the respective website. If a website has a high page rank it will automatically be ranked high on the search result page by Google search engine.

Here are a few tips as to how you can tumble your way to page one of Google through Tumblr.

Tip #1

Strictly follow Google’s webmaster guidelines

Search engine giant Google has a set of parameters in place to rank and index websites. In order to rank high on Google’s search result pages as a website developer it becomes necessary that you follow and adopt the algorithm changes that Google introduces. Guidelines can be divided into technical, design and content and quality guidelines. In order to sign up to Google’s webmaster tool to create a Google friendly website visit the link

Tip #2

Content is king

In the SEO field content is indeed the king. It is strictly advised that you do not borrow content from other sources and pass it off as your original content on Tumblr. There are so many places on the web where you will come across content that has been copied from its original source. Avoid copy pasting content as this will bring down the page rank. Duplicated content never finds itself a place in the top place of Google’s search result page. Original content that you post increases the chances of your Tumblr blog being ranked high on Google’s search result pages.

Tip #3

Introduce keyword in domain name

One of the easiest ways to increase your websites page rank is to introduce the keyword in the domain name. If your domain name has your keyword in it, the chances of your Tumblr webpage landing on the first page of Google’s search result are high. This is a simple yet powerful SEO tip that is being widely used with domain names in various niches.

Tip #4

Use Tumblr smartly

All by itself micro blogging site Tumblr is ranked high on the search result pages of Google. Use this platform smartly by incorporating the right kind of content and the accurate set of keywords and backlinks.

Apart from these tips you can experiment with various other tips that you can use to rank high on Google’s search engine result page.


Author Bio:

Carlene Masker is a technology enthusiast who is fond of writing helpful tips and fresh tidbits of information about the different fields in technology and innovation. She is currently working with Buyverizon Telco Services where you can find the latest information on finding internet service companies.

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