mCarbon, a leading mobile Value Added Service (VAS) provider, has entered into strategic technology partnership with leading telecom service provider Tata DOCOMO. Under this partnership mCarbon will provide technological support for Tata DOCOMO’s caller ring back tone (CRBT) service.

mCarbon’s CRBT service is not just an application; it is an end-to-end solution. By providing service management with every deployment of CRBT, mCarbon will enable Tata DOCOMO to achieve a rapid return on investment as well as benefit from its extensive experience of running CRBT services across rapidly growing markets globally. mCarbon is live with CRBT in 4 circles Kolkata, UP East, Bihar and Rest of West Bengal.

Rajesh Razdan, Co-founder and Director, mCarbon, remarked, “Since its inception mCarbon has been working with leading service providers to take cutting-edge value added services to customers across the globe. Our association with Tata DOCOMO will enable us to use our extensive experience in the CRBT space for the benefit of their customers.”

“We see our CRBT & RRBT solution supporting Tata DOCOMO with its unique features like service through multiple mediums i.e. IVR, SMS, USSD or Web or Client (Channel99) and facilitate DOCOMO to offer unique and innovative services to its subscribers. Our CRBT platform will ensure efficient delivery of music & audio content and rich, compelling information and entertainment to their subscribers”, said Brij Mohan Mahendru, Co-founder & Director – Technology, mCarbon Tech Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

DOCOMO subscriber can access or obtain mCarbon enabled CRBT service through multiple mediums like IVR, SMS, USSD or Web or Client (Channel99). Operator can use the service as a tool to promote latest and hit songs and attract users to change its earlier ring back tone (RBT) to new one. Corporates can also tie-up with operator to play their corporate tune on their employee’s numbers (Time based). The service will enable DOCOMO users to play RBT based on predefined dates, that is he/she can select one song to play on Valentine’s day and another for Republic day.

Rishi Mohan Malhotra, Head VAS, Tata DOCOMO said “In this day and age, operators are looking at innovative ways to deliver services and every innovation comes with a price tag. Having said that, if the innovation is smartly tagged to an intuitive technology then it becomes a win-win situation for both the VAS partner and the operator. Our partnership with mCarbon has assured good returns on investment and hence we’re very confident of a successful launch in these 4 circles.”

mCarbon already has an existing relation with DOCOMO for products like Channel99, Campaign Manager, Name Tunes, Start Stop – Try IVR. Through this partnership companies’ now enter into a long-term and strategic relationship in the technology space.

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