Quest 'Foglight NMS' Offers Market’s Only Complete Network Monitoring Tool for Avaya VoIP System!

Quest Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: QSFT) today announced that the company’s  Foglight® Network Management System (NMS) now features support for Avaya Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. Available today, this added support enables network administrators and engineers to achieve greater visibility into how their network and Avaya VoIP systems work together.  In addition to providing real-time monitoring of Avaya performance and quality metrics, Foglight NMS for VoIP allows network engineers to better address dropped calls, poor voice quality, network delays, and other performance issues before they happen.

Some Salient Points of the solution are:

  • As organizations grow, organically or through mergers and acquisitions, they place increased importance on VoIP solutions like those offered by Avaya to keep their workforce connected.
  • VoIP is a high traffic application that experiences performance issues usually caused by problems on the network. Network engineers are increasingly faced with responsibility for administering VoIP infrastructures, and struggle to achieve adequate visibility into how their network and VoIP systems work together.
  • While various point tools are available to manage and monitor VoIP systems, voice implementation often suffers from dropped calls, poor voice quality, packet loss and latency issues. Because of this, creating the most efficient VoIP environment, enhancing user satisfaction and meeting SLAs is a constant challenge for network engineers. With Foglight NMS for VoIP, Quest provides Avaya customers with a single tool for unparalleled network and VoIP infrastructure monitoring.
  • Avaya is one of the top VoIP technology vendors, serving one million businesses worldwide. Quest ensures that Avaya customers get the most from their Avaya investment with a network that’s always on, and a workforce that’s always connected.
  •  With the addition of VoIP management and monitoring capabilities, Foglight NMS offers Avaya customers an integrated performance monitoring solution for both network and VoIP infrastructure, in one intelligent, easy-to-read dashboard.
  • A leading tool for monitoring network infrastructure, Foglight NMS is part of Quest’s market-leading Foglight Performance Monitoring portfolio, which offers a variety of solutions that provide an intelligent, consolidated view of application, network, and infrastructure performance. The portfolio enables IT departments to monitor service levels and resolve performance bottlenecks, manage application performance from the end user’s point of view, and consolidate tools for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Foglight Network Management System for VoIP Provides:


  • In-depth, detailed monitoring of VoIP quality metrics like MOS, Jitter, packet-loss, delay, network utilization
  • Installation and configuration in less than 15 minutes
  • Comprehensive set of reports and alerts on all VoIP related voice metrics
  • Distributed architecture to monitor across local and remote geographical locations
  • Agent and agent-less options for simplicity, scalability and performance
  • Unified, granular monitoring of VoIP and network infrastructure using a single pane of glass
  • Network Traffic Analysis to help engineers understand, troubleshoot and perform capacity planning of VoIP and network infrastructure
  • For more information about Foglight NMS for VoIP, or to download, visit


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