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Update: Launch of Telecomblogs PR Portal!

Telecomblogs PR PortalAfter seven long years since starting Telecomblogs Media, and testing various Blogging platforms (including Typepad, Tumblr etc), I decided to move back PR section of Telecomblogs Media, back to WordPress, here itself. Yes! You gotcha right.

There are reasons to moving back to WP, but that is not important. I always loved WP, ever since I started blogging in year 2008. It is solid platform and still rocks (the best)!

Therefore, the new PR portal is located @ We are working with our developers to tweak some design aspects of it, but surely, all of your PRs are now going to be visible @ above URL only.

Idea here is that, we want to keep PRs and Blogs separate from each other. I struggled to understand that for long, but ultimately, idea with which Telecomblogs started should thrive. It is all about blogging, but we do not want to Miss PRs too. So ideally, we found PRs could exist separately from Blogs. Let both thrive in coming months!

So all people reading this; do not worry about nitty-gritties. Send me your PR copies to atuldeshpande {at} and visit our new PR portal. That is it!

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