What we are reading today? Blackberry Problem, Social media trends & Back to School Mobile Apps!

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These days, if you aren’t reading Social media trends or not even aware of ‘Foursquare’, then you should fast catch up the train. Today, I have brought you few interesting stories across Web 2 planet to read! Check it out!

Apparently, Government of India isn’t happy with RIM’s recent proposed solution. The problem is; RIM proposed the disclosure of deferred intercepted information, whereas authorities are demanding interception of real time information. In case the solution isn’t accepted, RIM might face closure of its services in the country, which has more then 1 million Blackberry users.

And finally BSNL is cleared off to purchase Chinese Vendor’s Equipments. Chinese equipment makers, such as Huawei & ZTE will breathe it easy now, but story doesn’t say anything about other telcos, who are expecting the same leniency from Government.

Analysts have always advised Nokia to adopt Android on its Smartphone lineup phones earlier. But now they are after RIM. They feel RIM’s Blackberry OS is an outdated masterclass and stands no where near iOS’s or Android’s UI/UE. Should RIM adopt Android? Wait & watch!

With the launch of Facebook Places, what Facebook is trying to do? Will Facebook become ubiquitous just like what we see of Google today? Read this interesting story on ‘Facebook is new Google’ But if you are a marketing savvy person and think that Facebook Places has enough potential for Location Based Marketing, then you should read this comprehensive story, before you jump in.

What are big Social media trends these days? This Mashable story finds 5 huge trends in Social media these days. Quite informative to read!

And finally, if you are a student and hate rote learning in classes, then there might be some cure to your problems. This AppStorm post lists down 20 interesting applications & tools for students. Don’t miss it out!

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