Nokia Launched its Revolutionary(?) SMS Service 'We Meet' in India!

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If you were at TGIP, New Delhi or MGF Metropolitan, Gurgaon or at Chennai City Center, during 4-6 June, you would have noticed the buzz surrounding the social media service ‘We Meet’ launched by Nokia Research Center, in India. Today I happened to be at TGIP late eve and got glimpse of the Nokia’s latest initiative on roll. But I suspect there’s little to cheer about it!

Welcome to new age SMS service by Nokia- ‘We Meet’. If you haven’t been to SMSGupShup before, then this service is for you. Once you register to the service, you can download ‘WeMeet’ Application files based on Nokia device you have.  Once you have downloaded application, just follow simple steps to install it.

After ‘WeMeet’ application is installed, you can create your own ‘WeMeet’ group among friends and family members and keep in touch with them at single go. The catch here is that- you can send SMS to all group members free of cost but will have to pay the cost of access to service i.e. cost of one single SMS based on your service provider.

There’re other ways to register to service. You can refer your friends or chat on portal to win prizes too. This service is limited only to Nokia device users. But it’s still not clear, why Nokia Research Center is curious about following SMSGupShup path all of a sudden. There’s little innovation in the offering and by limiting service to Nokia device owners Nokia has certainly lost the thrust of launch. Moreover, you need to have Internet Connection (to PC …) to install applications, which is quite complex way than creating groups on SMSGupShup.

Nokia has reinvented the wheels but there’s little to gain from it. Thumbs Down!

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