‘7’ stories to read this Sunday!

Here are ‘7’ stories, selected, to read this Sunday. Enjoy reading:

  • One of the favorite stories this week comes from fitness world. The article explores options to stay fit on budget.
  • My father worked with Central government for close to four decades. I have no plans to follow his footsteps. Come 21st century, as paradigms of work changing, the article explores the changing work habits in coming age.
  • I was never a ‘Yahoo’ fan, but there are people around, who still cares for the company, who was once Giant of Internet world. Has ‘Yahoo’ lost relevance in modern world? I do agree with the views in article, which explores topic in detail.
  • One of my favorites this week: 10 Maps that will change we view the world.
  • Two articles, back-to-back, talk deep about our on-line reading habits and some tools to help you in keeping track of reading content. Read it here and here.
  • Another interesting story from Bloomberg, talks about how retail giant ‘Walmart’ keeps track of its employees and avert some nuisance.