What I’m reading: ‘7’ Stories to read this Sunday!


As world mourns death of nearly 150 people in latest Paris terror attack, we explore some of topics, which are on my reading list this Sunday.

  1. As ‘Islamic State’ has claimed the responsibility of latest Paris terror attacks, the article in ‘The Atlantic’ explores the history of Islamic State and its propaganda.
  2. Should we call ‘Programmers’ as Engineers?– The story here says that ‘Computer Engineering’ cannot match the discipline of civil, mechanical, or other engineering streams, so programmers are not real engineers, and in tech, everything is ‘Engineering’.
  3. The man who lost at sea for 14 months: Last week, I read this interesting story of a man, who lost at sea for whopping 14 months and then returned safely. If you do not believe this, read it out.
  4. Mobiles and death of PC: The article explores the history of growth of mobile phones, and now Smartphones and tries to decode the meaning behind word ‘Mobiles’.
  5. Solving the Bieber Bug: In the quest to solve ‘Bieber bug’, how Instagram took programming to next level.
  6. YouTube has launched ‘YouTube Music’ yesterday. Should you care about it? Article talks about Google’s game plan behind the launch.
  7. One of my favourite articles this week explores how ‘Tag Heuer’ is taking on ‘Apple Watch’, by launching first of its kind ‘Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch’

Happy reading!


(Image is courtesy of Flickr user Wen Mekwl)

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