What I’m reading: ‘7’ Stories to read this Sunday! post image

Short-listing stories to read is not always easy, especially if you are a voracious reader. I generally find time to read on weekdays, when I am on the move and collect stories over couple of days, before sharing it with my readers. It may not come from telecom world. I aspire to bring variety in [...]

7 Most commonly asked questions about ‘4G’ and ‘4G Smartphones’ answered! post image

These days, I get at least 50 new emails everyday asking me about typical questions on buying 4G Smartphone or 4G in India. Most of time, I find users are asking me which phone to buy, or what if we buy some phone or what will happen if I move out of 4G coverage etc. [...]

GSA forecasts market for ‘LTE Broadcast services’ will reach $2B worldwide by 2020! post image

A new report from GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) Evaluating the LTE Broadcast Opportunity published today finds rapidly rising interest in LTE Broadcast, increasing evidence of a solid business case for deployment, and predicts that numbers of deployments will grow significantly over the next five years, reaching a potential customer base of two billion by [...]

What I’m reading: ‘7’ Stories to read this Sunday! post image

As world mourns death of nearly 150 people in latest Paris terror attack, we explore some of topics, which are on my reading list this Sunday. As 'Islamic State' has claimed the responsibility of latest Paris terror attacks, the article in 'The Atlantic' explores the history of Islamic State and its propaganda. Should we call 'Programmers' as Engineers?- [...]

Five Point Solution: Reducing ‘Call Drops’ and improving Customer Experience! post image

(Summary: TRAI has released technical paper on 'Call drop' issue and proposed installation of new towers. We believe, as operators are rolling out 4G-LTE, regulator has to enable opcos in rolling out next gen technologies to tackle complex network optimization problems, including Call drops. Building long-terms visibility and solution approach is necessary, rather than short-term [...]

4G Devices report: 60% of active 4G-LTE Smartphones in India are sub 10k! post image

In an interesting finding by Nokia Networks, published by leading daily here, claims that 6 out of 10 LTE Smartphones, active on Operator's network, are not the high-end pricey iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series, but low end Lenovo, Xiaomi and Micromax. As India is gearing up to see more 4G-LTE network rollouts by Opcos, these stats [...]

USA Telecom doesn’t have enough airwaves for your selfies! post image

Nowadays we can’t live without wireless Internet. We use our mobile phones, tablets or laptops with integrated wireless cards to communicate with others and search information. We spend our days connected to the Internet through hundreds of apps, websites and services, thus using an incredible amount of data. Wireless data use has grown and is [...]

Airtel 4G Challenge and fallacy behind ‘Lifetime mobile bills free offer’ post image

Recently Airtel has completed rollout of its flagship 4G services to around 300 towns in India. Not sure, if anyone of you watched the advertisement surrounding the euphoria, but it is really cool to see how Airtel is making (or at least trying to make) most of its lead in launching high speed services. However, apart from lead-time Airtel [...]

Consumer Research: Consumers In Fast Growing Economies Have Highest Customer Contact Expectations post image

Consumers in fast growing economies - such as India and China – are setting the standard for customer contact. They are leading the way in expecting to communicate with organisations in a number of different ways, and to switch between communication channels as their conversation progresses. Organisations should always offer different channels to meet my [...]

Samsung Galaxy E5 Vs Samsung Galaxy E7- Which one to choose? post image

This year, Samsung won the heart of selfie lovers by introducing two selfie focused smartphones i.e. Samsung Galaxy E5 and Samsung Galaxy E7! Aiming to target the mid-segment of the market, they were priced at Rs.23,000 and Rs.19,300 respectively. However the prices have gone down with time and if price was a constraint for you, [...]

India Spectrum Auctions 2015- What to expect next? post image

The much awaited telecom spectrum auction is over last month. As expected, the top three telecom operators, namely Bharti, Vodafone and Idea Cellular have bid aggressively to retain and win back their respective spectrum allocations. Others, including newcomer Jio, Aircel and Tata Tele have tried to capitalize the most of available options. Now as telecos lined to pay [...]

5 Best Camera Phones to buy under Rs.7000 in 2015 post image

You can probably call it a history when mobile phones were used only for calling or texting. A mobile phone, which can also be called a smartphone in 2015, can do much more than one could have expected few years back.A mobile phone is now added with tons of innovative features, which makes it an [...]

Would writing great ‘blog content’ save our jobs? post image

Let me confess something today, which I never did in last seven years of blog writing career. It's getting tough and hard to produce quality content and maintain the tempo of writing. Of course it's not just about surviving out there, but to continue writing--profitably. Why am I writing about my confession today? There's reason [...]

Top 2015 prediction for SDN/NFV and Network Infrastructure! post image

Summary: SDN/NFV industry is moving towards tipping point and year 2015 could be the year of SDN/NFV. Where do industry leaders see SDN/NFV reaching in coming year? Cyan, the leader in network transformation, seems quite optimistic and provided below prediction for Network Infra and SDN/NFV Industry. Top Infrastructure Predictions for 2015 100G coherent and WSS [...]

McKinsey Global Institute: 12 “empowering” technologies that could have the greatest impact on India’s economic growth! post image

For all India’s prowess in IT, large parts of its economy have yet to benefit from new technologies. That could be about to change. New research by the McKinsey Global Institute analyses twelve technologies, ranging from the mobile Internet to cloud computing to advanced genomics that could have a profound impact on growth and social [...]