‘Government of Telangana’ launches ‘Hyderabad Smart City’ project, powered by Airtel Wi-Fi! post image

The Government of Telangana and Bharti Airtel, today launched the State’s first “Public Wi-fi”. In the run-up to make Hyderabad a "Global Smart City", this has been launched as a pilot in 17 tested hotspot locations in the hub of Hi-tech city enabling customers across operators to avail  public Wi-Fi and enjoy internet services of upto [...]

Accuris Networks to power ‘AT&T’s Wi-Fi Hub’ for seamless and secure Wi-Fi roaming! post image

At the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s (WBA) Wi-Fi Global Congress in San Francisco today, AT&T, Accuris Networks and BSG Wireless announced an agreement to bring to market the new AT&T Wi-Fi Hub.  This hub will make it possible for wireless operators to deliver turnkey Wi-Fi roaming services to their customers. Expected to launch later this year, [...]

TRAI’s Broadband Consultation: How can we help in penetrating broadband in India? post image

Summary: ‘Broadband’ is ubiquitous now for at least some of us. The technology is already there, but real impediments for adoption of broadband are different. While in India average speed of a typical broadband connection still hovers below 1 Mbps, there's tremendous room to grow. Let’s not forget that, the dream of ‘Digital India’ by [...]

Cloud Security: Things you should know before moving your data into Cloud! post image

After the recent well-publicized theft of celebrities' private data from iCloud, many business decision makers are thinking hard about how much they can trust the cloud. I'm not going to discuss the more salacious details of the iCloud breach here; there's been enough of that elsewhere, but I do want to address the issue of [...]

Review: Next Generation Packet Transport Network-Sep 2014 @Mumbai ! post image

Summary: Transport network is evolving with growing data demand from users. For an operator, to meet the demand is of prime concern. To meet demand, network capacity needs to be augmented. Which technology should an Opco choose to upgrade capacity? Would SDN make in-roads in transport network sooner or later? NGPT looked at all these important [...]

Blipper’s ‘Augmented Reality’ coming to India with edition launch on 8th Oct! post image

Blipper, the company behind augmented reality branding and advertising, is set to launch India edition on 8th Oct. The company has invited select few media members for the exclusive edition launch at New Delhi on Oct 8. Although I tried to get some hands-on with the 'Blipper App', before I jump on to subject, my [...]

Cellular-WiFi connectivity provider ‘Accuris Networks’, announces $15 million in funding – Hires new CEO Jeff Brown!‏ post image

As demand for mobile data continues to accelerate worldwide, the telecom industry is increasingly trying to meet the challenge of connecting disparate networks.  At the center of this movement, Accuris Networks (www.accuris-networks.com), a global leader in cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, announced today that it has completed a $15 million equity funding round.  Key new investors [...]

Indian Smartphone market got ‘Spicer': Get ‘FireFox OS’ powered ‘Spice Fire’ @$40! post image

Spice Retail Limited today unveiled its first Firefox OS powered smartphone, the Spice Fire One Mi – FX 1. With a most aggressive price of Rs.2,229/-, Spice Fire One ispurely targeted to the nearly 85-90 percent of the feature phone users wanting to switch to smartphones. The device is aimed at the masses that are looking for a larger than life [...]

Guest Blog: Tips to choose an awesome domain name for your online store! post image

A domain name is an inevitable requirement of any online venture. In order to represent your venture online it is necessary to have a domain name that will act like an address of your website. It is very important to have a proper domain name as it is the first information that the user will [...]

Why ‘Data Tariffs’ & ‘Data Usage’ sucks in India? post image

Over the years, since launch of 3G aka 'High Speed Network' in year 2011, Indian Telecom market is slowly getting accustomed to growing data revenues as part of service revenues. So till year 2011, we hardly talked about 'Data' as revenue, we focused on 'VAS' to identify non-Voice revenues. With launch of 3G & later [...]

TD-LTE is growing globally; Indian Telecos might embrace both TD & FD LTE! post image

The latest Status of the Global LTE TDD Market Report published by GSA, the Global mobile Suppliers Association, confirms a rising number of operator commitments to LTE TDD (TD-LTE) network deployments, new commercial service launches, rapid expansion in the choice of user devices, especially smartphones, and accelerating subscriber growth.39 operators, which is around 1 in [...]

Micromax Canvas ‘L’ Vs Samsung Galaxy ‘Grand’- which one to buy? post image

The Smartphone industry today is loaded with countless varieties of smartphones, which means that the end user has numerous handset varieties in option. This ultimately has lead to peak levels of competition amongst the kind. Each variety features one or the other competitive features, which has just raised the level of competition amongst handset producers. [...]

Tuesday Blog: ‘Six’ important stories to read from Telecom India! post image

Since 'Modi' government took charge at helm in May, things have started moving forward in Telecom Industry. Not on roll, industry is still in doldrums; thanks to various scams (2G Spectrum), policy flip-flops (by earlier government) & of course licenses cancellation. Telecos are struggling to maintain the market share with profitability, albeit promising 'data' consumption growth. We [...]

Alcatel-Lucent continues to accelerate industry adoption of ‘NFV’ with the addition of new members to the growing CloudBand™ open community! post image

Summary: Alcatel Lucent's CloudBand™ Ecosystem Program adds NFV technology providers to advance networks’ transition to the ‘carrier cloud’ to drive new revenue potential and operational efficiency Alcatel-Lucent  is advancing the industry adoption of NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) by adding 19 companies to its CloudBand™ Ecosystem Program – the first open community of platform and virtual application [...]