Small Cells/Femtocells: 5 Important things to understand before you start deploying! post image

I believe, everyone in telecom fraternity has heard of Femtocell aka Small Cell by this time. The term itself is synonymous to a cell site which is small or femto in size, as compared to existing micro/macro cells, which we generally see on Roof Top Towers or Ground base Towers or even on wall poles. [...]

Why I prefer Wi-Fi over Cellular for Data Access & (You should also)- My thoughts on Wi-Fi at Public Places in India! post image

I was asked by someone recently over a discussion at a cafe located at heart of Delhi. The topic came on table, over news published by a daily, on NDMC's plans to provide public Wi-Fi at some key areas across Delhi. And my choice obviously goes with Wi-Fi, irrespective of location I prefer to work from- as [...]

Strategy Blog: The Road ahead for Telecom India- ’2014-2020′! post image

It's been quite exciting to see recent developments in Telecom India. With recent successful (?) spectrum auctions & amid ranging debate over acquiring spectrum (band of frequencies) in 900 & 1800 MHz band by incumbents & new entrants, one thing is clear- the market is more serious now towards impending battle & we are already set on [...]

Things moving forward in Telecom India, but not enough (2014)! post image

I often find myself in awkward position when I come back to write something with Telecomblogs. Reason, there are many topics to write about but nothing specific, so should I talk about something particular today about? Yes indeed! So after a hiatus, something has promoted me to write about. Past two and half months were good enough overall (that's right, I [...]

2 billion mobile broadband subscribers by end of 2013: Ericsson Mobility! post image

There are 4.5 billion mobile subscribers with in total 6.6 billion total mobile connections across globe at this moment. Last quarter (Q3 2013), 113 million new mobile connections added to the tally, with year-on-year growth of 7%. These are some of the interesting facts released in latest Ericsson Mobility Report published. While India accounts to 742 million [...]

Will Flipkart or anyone else do this to ease burden? post image

These days there's lot of buzz around COD method of payment routinely utilized by e-tailers in India to attract more customers. Reason- it's pushing these e-tailers to limit. Of course it's impacting the bottom line of these e-tailers and all of them are running their operations into losses. But recent news might raise some hopes for e-tailers. [...]

So here comes subsidized iPhone in India with Reliance! post image

The day before, I wrote about why high end Smartphone purchases are not worthwhile deals in India, the Hindu Businessline yesterday reported the launch of subsidized iPhone 5S & 5C in India, locked with two years contract with Reliance Network. Although Airtel has launched iPhone 5S & 5C in India y'day, they aren't subsidized and priced at high bracket [...]

To Remain Connected during Flight Journey is ‘Fundamental Right’ of Air Travelers in India! post image

As Holiday season in India already kicked in, most of the air travelers are already rushing to finish off their last minute urgent calls and replying to that last urgent email from boss on eleventh hour, only to notice that they are being asked to switch off their devices. Aha! Welcome On-board fellow passenger. You [...]

Before you buy first LTE (4G) device, read this… post image

A quick go through Airtel's iPhone 5S page will tell you why many of us might be reluctant to buy iPhone this year. Reason- whopping cost of Rs 71 k for single device (that too without insurance :(  ) Samsung, the other competitor & global leader in Smartphone market, has also launched its flagship Galaxy Series phone [...]

Best Innovations in Telecom, Internet, Media and Edutainment (TIME) recognized in 4th Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2013 in New Delhi! post image

India’s largest and the only award in field of TIME (Telecom, Internet, Media and Edutainment) was held on 25th October at NDMC Convention center in New Delhi. The awards honored the best innovations in the field of TIME. This award was initiated by Aegis School of Business and Telecom & Convergence India, supported by COAI [...]

Here comes World’s First FireFox OS Smartphone ‘ZTE Open’ to India- Buy it on eBay! post image

Gadget lovers can now shop for the latest ZTE Open, the world’s first Firefox OS-powered smartphone, on eBay India (, India’s leading eCommerce marketplace. The smart phone is exclusively available on eBay India at a great price of Rs. 8590/- only. ZTE is the fourth-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The brand attracted significant [...]

Spice Mi-535- The Best Budget Android Smartphone almost for everyone! post image

The Good:  The Spice Mi-535 has Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), 8 MP rear & 5MP front Camera with excellent image quality with auto-focus, a powerful 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor with 1 GB RAM & 16 GB Internal storage (expandable to 32 GB) and big 5.3 inches IPS Capacitive touch screen- almost all prominent features of [...]

Ovum forecasts decline in Global Telecom revenues! post image

The road ahead for telcos is bumpy or at least not that smooth. With decline in ARPU (Average Revenue per User) and subscriber additions, now revenues are taking hit globally. Indian telecom sector won't be exception either.According to research firm Ovum, global connections will grow by less than 4 percent CAGR between 2012 and 2018, [...]

LTE to Wi-Fi- Road Ahead for 802.11 Standard! post image

With the global launch of Samsung Galaxy Note III & LG's G2 Smart devices, which come equipped with advance features such as 802.11ac, 802.11 Direct, Wi-Fi HotSpot and LTE (Rel 8), the trend is evident. More and more device makers are busy in building ecosystems to support launch of LTE & latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac. [...]

Event Review: TechBizz Mumbai by ZDnet! post image

TechBizz held on 7th august 2013 ,Mumbai  was an event organised by ZDnet group . Based on the theme topics of social, mobile, analytics and cloud as “what’s really driving your ICT environment” ,this event was addressed by an esteemed panel of  Raghupati C.N. , VP & Head - India Business Unit Infosys; Manish Bahl,Vice [...]